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Solar Heat for Industrial Process SHIP project in Egypt

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About The Project

Project Donor:  GEF

Project Partners: ENCPC, NREA, EOS

Project Duration (Start and End Date): 2014 - 2019

Target Sectors: Textile, Food and Chemicals

Project Objectives:

The general objective of the project is to develop the market environment for the diffusion and local manufacturing of solar energy systems for industrial process heat in key industrial sectors: Food, Textile and Chemical of great potential for solar thermal uses.

Project Outputs and Results:

Component 1: Develop policy instruments to promote the use of solar energy for industrial process heat

Component 2: Mobilize financing for the deployment of solar energy for industrial heat

Component 3: Improve the manufacture, supply and distribution of solar energy components and systems

Component 4: Build the capacity of technical staff designing, developing and servicing solar systems

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