Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Industrial Development

IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (2007) has recognized the African continent as one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change and climate variability, a situation aggravated by the interaction of multiple stresses occurring at various levels and low adaptive capacity. The report also highlighted the significant impact of climate change on the economic development of Africa, particularly concerning the water resources, additional pressure on water availability, severely compromising agricultural production and food security in many African countries. The project aims to increase the application of Green Industry (GI) policy instruments, practices and/or techniques as means for achieving low carbon growth and/ or climate resilient development in industry of the beneficiary countries like Egypt, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa.

Objectives of the project
Proposals for possible government intervention by means of GI policy instruments, practices and/ or techniques;
Demonstration of GI options (techniques and practices) for low carbon and/ or climate resilient development at enterprises in the selected sub- sectors in each beneficiary country; and
Increased awareness and exchange of information on the best practices of GI options in industries for low carbon and/ or climate resilient development among beneficiary countries and Japan.

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