Innovative Chemical Solutions

The aim of the Project on Innovative Chemical Solutions – environmentally sound management of chemicals and chemical wastes is to achieve a reduction of chemicals consumption, both in production and in application of chemicals. Production comprises the synthesis and the formulation of chemicals and typically takes place in the chemical industry. Application of chemicals is relevant for a wide range of industrial sectors. Besides the reduction of chemicals consumption (ideally avoidance of chemicals) further targets address the replacement of hazardous chemicals by chemicals with a lower risk, the reduction of chemicals wastes, the safe handling of chemicals and risk reduction related to accidents with chemicals. The approach serves the triple purpose of improving the local environment (less emissions and less waste), workers’ health as well as public health (reduction of disease and fatalities) and economic benefits (resource productivity and possibly better product quality). This could require the introduction of new Environmentally Sound Technologies (either as processing technology or for risk reduction measures) or might be achieved by improvements in management and supply chains or development of new innovative business models.

Objectives of the project
Carry out comprehensive assessments in the proposed enterprises in each of the selected sub-sectors.
Development of minimum 5 case studies for the selected companies.
Support Technical Primers/Manuals for each Sub-Sector and contribute to the development of the Draft Toolkit.
Organizing a training and Preparation for Up-scaling of Innovative Chemical Solutions.

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