Know-How Transfer in Retreading of Used Truck Tires

The Aim of the project:
Transfer of the German know-how in the field of retreading of used tires of trucks and using them in different areas in the community (transport, construction, public transportation, waste collection, etc.). The benefits of re-coating large trucks tires are:

Cost saving up to 60% of the price of new tires and can be recycled 2-3 time
The quality of retreading used tires has the same quality of new tires with application of European standards
Environmental benefits (energy savings, reduce solid waste, conserve natural resources)
Create jobs for several layers in society.
Objectives of the project
Assess the situation of used truck tires in Egypt
Further education of responsible institutions and private sectors through training courses in Germany and Egypt
Test program of retreaded tires in German for practical use in Egypt
Development a Draft for technical specifications and standards for Egypt
Feasibility study for tires coating plants in Egypt
Support Egypt in the preparation of awareness programs

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