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Rehabilitation, commissioning and testing of Dust Collectors at the Egyptian Ferroalloys Co. (EFACO)

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The Egyptian Ferroalloys Co. is considered to be the largest industrial integration center for the production of Ferro-Silicon alloy in the Middle East, produces, promotes, distributes, and exports the Ferro-Silicon alloy 75% in the international and domestic markets from Egypt.

Problem Description:

  • Dust collectors are currently working at low filtration efficiency.

  • Large part of the dust carried out in the gas flow is puffed out of the system to work place.

  • Most of the filtration media (the bags are out of function).

  • Huge amount of silica fine dust is precipitated onto the water surface of the River Nile.

  • Loss of valuable by-product (silica dust).

Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduction of the dust emission from furnaces.

  • Minimization the precipitation of dust on the water surface of the River Nile.

  • Improvement of work environment and ambient quality to attain compliance with law 4/94.

  • Improve the recovery of silica dust at rate of 1600 ton /year.

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