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Case Study on Industrial Application of Slag from Iron Steel in Road Construction at El EZZ Steels and Rebars Company

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Slag is a substance that is produced from the iron and steel furnaces as a molten mixture of limestone and the earthy components of iron ore and coke, which have separated from the molten iron and steel in the furnace and represents about 8% from the total steel production. Once scorned as a useless by-product, it is now accepted and, often, preferred and specified as it is known to be a valuable material with many and variable applications


Project Description:

  • Reuse of non valuable slag as valuable aggregate in road construction.

  • Minimize big area occupied by this huge amount of slag & reuse it.

  • Solve the national problem of accumulation of slag from all iron & steel companies

  • Eliminate dumping cost and raise the quality of roads and reduce the maintenance costs of roads.

Envionmental Benefits:

  • Re-use of industrial waste as raw materials in the process of road construction.

  • Reduce the accumulation of solid waste in the iron and steel companies, which is considered a national problem.

  • Improve the working environment by reducing emissions generated by the accumulation of slag.

  • Natural Resources Conservation.

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