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Chemical Management and Innovative chemical Solutions

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The management of industrial chemicals is one of the core businesses of the ENCPC which is considered as one of the leading centers in this field. ENCPC focus in its services on the assessment of the whole life cycle of the chemicals management starting from the purchasing, delivery, storage, handling application and management of chemicals waste. This is to identify and apply the most economical environmental sound measures including best available techniques. It includes on-job training for workers and technical staff. On the other hand the ENCPC is supporting Egyptian manufacturers to comply with EU requirements (REACH) to support their export activity. In this context offers the following services.


Benefits of The Service

  • Reduce the chemicals accidents in the chemicals sector

  • Provide training on chemicals management and responsible production

  • Support Egyptian companies from chemical sector to comply with preregistration and final registration requirements to export to EU Countries

  • Support the companies with preparation of Safety Data Sheet

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Chemical Management and Innovative chemical Solutions

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