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Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Industrial Development in Egypt

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About The Project

Project Donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) through UNIDO

Project Duration (Start and End Date): 2014-2017

Target Sectors:

Fruits and vegetables processing

-Meat and Poultry Processing

Project Objectives:

- Identify areas of improvement for climate resilience and mitigation potential in Egyptian Industry to mainstream low carbon and climate resilience in industrial development.

- Demonstrate technical options for low carbon and/ or climate resilient development at enterprises in agro food industries.

- Raise awareness/ knowledge of the best practices/ option for industrial climate adaptation.


Project Outputs and Results:

- National Vulnerability assessment report for Egypt.

- Sector mapping for vegetables and fruits processing sub-sector.

- Sector mapping report for meat and poultry processing sub-sector.

- Technical assessment reports for selected 12 companies in the selected sub-sectors.

- Demonstration of adaptation technologies for selected 2 companies.

- Capacity building and raising awareness of national stakeholders on climates change adaptation technologies.

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