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Innovative Approaches for the Sound Management of Chemicals and Chemical Waste (IAMC)

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About The Project

Project Donor: SECO through UNIDO

Project Partners: ISSPPRO

Project Duration (Start and End Date): 2015-2016

Target Sectors: Chemical Industries Sector

Project Objectives:

The objective of this approach is to support manufacturers and industrial users of chemicals in using innovation to improve their sustainable management of chemicals while simultaneously improving business performance. This means, identifying sustainability hotspots and innovating ways to achieve the following across the life cycle:

- Improving overall business productivity and generating value for customers

- Improving resource productivity (chemicals, water, energy, other materials)

- Reducing pollution intensity, especially chemical waste

- Improving health and safety of society and the environment by reducing risk of accidents and preventing exposure to chemicals with adverse acute or chronic impacts

- Eliminating hazardous chemicals/processes or substituting them with safer and economically feasible ones

- Substituting chemicals based on non-renewable resources with those based on renewable resources

Improved business performance is achieved by identifying the unmet needs of direct customers and end markets in the context of the chemical-related sustainability hotspots. The company can use the unmet needs in the value chain to address sustainability concerns and increase business performance through targeted innovations.

Project Outputs and Results:

- Provide  a  short  summary  on  the  identified sub-sectors and companies including a justification for their selection; 

- Provide an outline of the company assessments for 8 companies

- Provide documents that can be used for the Technical Primers/Manuals and the

Draft Toolkit;

Provide 3 training workshops on chemicals management and IAMC toolkit for chemicals companies and stakeholders.

- Provide a concept note for the training and dissemination activities

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