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Industrial Electrical Motor Driven Systems (EMDS) Efficiency Programme in Egypt

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About The Project

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Project Partners:




Project Duration (Start and End Date)


Target Sectors:

All industrial Sectors

Project Objectives:

The project aimed at:

  • Number of Policy measures for promotion of efficient electrical motors was developed

  • National quality scheme for efficient electrical motors (norms/standards) was developed

  • Raising awareness and capacity building on energy efficient motors achieved

  • Local manufacturing and upgrading of feeding industry of efficient motors & integrated solution  through its supply chain  was promoted  and achieved

  • Demonstration of efficient electrical motors and its integrated solution practices  in about 50 enterprises  with reduction in energy total consumption up to 10 % was achieved


Project Outputs and Results:

  • Establishment of Standards for industrial motors

  • Promotion of local manufacturing of motor equipment and parts

  • Establish a laboratory to measure motors efficiency

  • Design road map for labelling and standards of efficient Motors

  • Establishing Rewinding  procedures for motors


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