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Green Chemistry

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About The Project

Project Donor:

Global Environmental Facility through UNIDO

Project Partners:

• Yale University

• The German Federal Environment Foundation

• International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3)

• Braskem

Project Duration (Start and End Date)

2017 to 2019

Target Sectors: Chemicals Sector


Project Objectives:

The project focuses on two key objectives;

1) Guidance development and networking on Green Chemistry approaches and technologies

2) Documentation of selected green chemistry case studies and up-scaling

Project Outputs and Results:

  • Organize awareness raising seminar to stimulate the Green Chemistry Initiative

  • Train-the-Trainers (TTT) workshops will be conducted, covering origins and technologies of Green Chemistry, and how it simultaneously drives environmental and economic goals for societal benefit.

  • Technical support will be provided to help with the development of University Level Curricula on Green Chemistry, with Teaching Guides.

  • A “Green Chemistry Guidance Document and Technology Compendium” will be drafted and used as a road-map to green chemistry implementation for a wide distribution.

  • In parallel to guidance development, this project will accomplish the documentation and analysis of green chemistry applications and technologies.

  • Partnerships and business models will also be set up to further promote green chemistry.

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