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Waste Management & Recycling

Industrial Waste Management and Waste Recycling

This service involves implementation of waste Management systems and recycling initiatives in industries. 

This adds value to the industry and creates further economic opportunities from newly developed products based on the sustainable use of generated waste from the production process.

It is likely that all industries have an amount of their output that can be reused or recycled hence save costs and creates both economic and environmental opportunities. 

The ENCPC is providing technical assistance for the Egyptian industry on industrial waste management and recycling. The service includes assessment of generated waste in terms of quantity and characteristics. This also includes the identification of the best options for management and handling of waste. This will accordingly lead to creation of added value products for the industry by turning the waste to added value products with economical and environmental benefits.


Waste Valorisation and Exchange Projects

1. PET scrap recycling

The problem is about 20% of the post-consumer plastic bottles are being collected for recycling, and a growing percentage of the bottles that are being collected are being exported to Asia.

Recycling of PET is one of the solutions of plastic pollution, so PET waste is pelletized and sold for fiber and carpet producer to enter the fabrication process. Finally it is possible to "close the loop" of the plastic materials by recycling plastic products and create new useful products when a good management is applied for the recycling industry in the presence of applicable regulations that tends to reduce the dominance of collectors and increase the awareness of the recycling.

The ENCPC has conducted a Market research of the PET waste in Egypt for Spria Egypt Company. The study is investigating the quantities, prices and consumption of scraps and products for PET. The first progress report and the final report were delivered to the company.


2. Feasibility Study for Recycling of Solid wastes from onion pealing & distillation in El Neanaya Company

Company: El Neanaya Company

Objective of the project:  To carry out a feasibility study for recycling of solid waste of onion pealing and distillation by producing compost.

Activities carried out:

  • Perform an environmental audit to identify the   environmental problems at El Neanaya company
  • Analysis of samples from onion and garlic wastes 
  • Identify the technical requirements to convert  these waste into compost  (additives required  
  • Review the technical specifications for the required compost equipment and find different suppliers for these equipments.
  • Identify the required manpower for the production process of compost
  • Identify different sources of financing (helps the company to benefit from different financing packages (soft loans or grants) in the market)
  • Apply for funds with the best financing package


3. Safe disposal or recovery of solid wastes

Company: Eveready Company

Objective of Project: Technical assistance for recovery the raw materials of the quantity of 250 Kg of the waste dry batteries and reuse it to produce products which has economic  value  

Activities of the project:

  • Analysis of samples of solid waste from Eveready factory
  • Identify the technical principals for recovery of such waste
  • Determine the technology required to recovery for such waste.
  • Identify the necessary equipment and tools necessary to recover raw materials containing such waste
  • Ensure security for recovery or disposal of wastes
  • Identify the technical operations of the application for the solid wastes as the following
  • Recover materials containing waste batteries (ammonium chloride & manganese dioxide).
  • Recover solid wastes of zinc for the production of other materials has economic benefits.

3. Hazardous Solid waste Management at Nile Company

Company:  Nile Company for Pharmaceutical Company

Objective of Project: Investigate the best way to handle and mange hazardous wastes from the production process at Nile Company. 

Activities of the project:

  • Assess the current status of the company's classification of hazardous solid waste generated by the activities of the company (quantity, quality and waste management methods present)
  •  Determine the most appropriate alternatives for environmental management of hazardous waste.
  •  Help address the company through a cement companies in Egypt to determine the feasibility of disposal of such waste by burning it in cement kilns to use an alternative source of energy.
  •  Define the implementation of the proposed alternative for the management of hazardous waste and helping the company to obtain approval of environmental affairs for the implementation of this alternative proposal.
  • Incineration of two lots of expired of medicine (2 tons each) in the Egyptian Cement Company Kiln.
  • Prepare the final report of the Hazardous Waste Management Program Nile pharmaceutical company.