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Market Research Studies


The ENCPC is offering local and international investors the service of conducting market studies and promotion of entrepreneurship activities. The service assists the new investors to identify the opportunities for setting up projects and businesses in different investment trends. This includes carrying out field surveys to collected updated data and statistics on potential projects and opportunities.

Fiberglas in Egypt

Company Name: Breodnishwa

Objective of the project: To carry out a market demand analysis and pre-feasibility study for Fiberglas industry in Egypt. 

Activities Carried Out:

  • Technical Information about the product.
  • Listing of the different applications of fibreglass and required specifications of each application.
  • Technical information about the Fiberglas production.
  • Names of major brands of Fiberglas production lines.
  • Current and historic prices of Fiberglas including the related costs like transportation and installation.
  • Competitors Information.
  •  Prepare list of Current Producers of Fiberglas in Egypt.
  • Prepare list of Current Importers and exporters (quantities, types and value) of Fibreglass in Egypt.
  • Define annual production of Fiberglas worldwide segregated by type and application and the major producing countries and companies and the major consuming countries and industry sectors.

Hydrochloric acid recycling

The ENCPC has conducted a survey for find possibility for re-use of by product of hydrochloric acid from Misr-Alexandria for petrochemicals. A cooperation agreement has been signed between the ENCPC to closing the loop of this by-product through using it in the processes of pickling in the galvanization industry.  The ENCPC has carried out all the required experimental tests to define the quality of the HCL and investigate its suitability to be used in the industrial process of pickling.

Chemical Leasing Project

The Chemical Leasing project activities in Egypt focused on the following main issues:

  • Completion of phase I projects;
  • Contribution to the UNIDO evaluation report on Chemical Leasing projects;
  • Contribution to the update of the Chemical Leasing toolkit;
  • Launch of two new Chemical Leasing projects with a consortium of companies in four industrial processes; 
  • Promotion of the results of the Chemical Leasing projects and the respective success stories;
  • Participation in the activities of the International Working Group on Chemical Leasing;
  • Support to the Moroccan NCPC in the implementation of Chemical Leasing projects in the country (South-South know-how transfer).

Projects Name:

1- Chemical Leasing on the electrostatic powder coating (Akzo Nobel Co and ABB ARAB).
2- Chemical Leasing Project on cleaning with hydrocarbon solvent (GM Egypt and Dr Badawi Chemical work).