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Responsible Production Project

UNEP's Responsible Production approach has been developed to provide a systematic framework and tools for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to improve chemical hazard management across the value chain. It incorporates best practice approaches from Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level (APELL), Corporate Social Responsibility and Safer Production. In particular, it involves understanding hazards, controlling chemical exposure, reducing accident risks, engaging stakeholders, and promoting chemical product stewardship.    
The Responsible Production approach is designed to increase overall safety and to reduce chemical emergencies and their environmental, social and economic impact by helping organisations address the hazards and risks related to the manufacturing, processing and handling of chemical substances in their operations. It helps managers and safety officers address not only chemical hazards at site, but also to promote chemical safety with business partners and suppliers, clients, and local communities. The approach does this by fostering risk planning, management and communication along the value-chain.
The Responsible Production approach comprises three main elements:

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  1. The Responsible Production Framework Booklet - introduces the overall background and a framework for improving chemical hazard management. It also includes sets of indicators for easy monitoring of companies' performance in the implementation of the Responsible Production approach. Finally, it includes a set of case studies and describes the lessons learnt from the capacity building and pilot implementation activities that were undertaken in the mining (Peru), and the chemical (Thailand) sectors;
  2. The Responsible Production Guidance and Toolkit  - includes a wide range of tools that can be used to operationalise the framework according to the needs and context of each company. It is divided into basic and advanced tools, and includes a detailed checklist for assisting companies in identifying the main gaps to be addressed; and
  3. The Responsible Production Training Package  - provides an adaptable base for capacity building. It includes a set of 18 thematic training sessions to aid SMEs in implementation of the overall approach. The training package explains the objectives and target audience, includes a section on trainer requirements, and provides detailed guidance for trainers on how to undertake each session. It also includes several references to supporting documentation, and comprehensive presentations to be adapted by trainers to the context of each training activity.

Furthermore, an interactive website has been set up to host three elements of the Responsible Production approach. It is also available in different languages