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MED Test

Implementation of MED Test Project on (Transfer of Environmental Sound Technology ) in Mediterranean Region in close cooperation with UNIDO


The TEST approach developed by UNIDO is a need driven systematic approach integrating the preventive win-win strategy into enterprise operation. TEST is building on management of change within different levels of the management pyramid: The operational level, the management system level and the strategic level.
Its integrated approach will be tailored to three pilot countries within the Mediterranean Region (Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia) within the framework of the MED-TEST initiative (2008-2011). Furthermore, Alexandria governorate was selected as the pilot city for project implementation in Egypt. The ENCPC signed a contract in April 2009 with UNIDO and UNEP. UNIDO has performed training for 3 teams from (Morocco – Egypt – Tunisia) in Vienna at period from 26-30th April 2009

Project deliverables

  • The ENCP has established a new branch in Alexandria Governorate to carry out all activities of the ENCPC and to host the national co-coordinator to carry out her duties through MED-TEST Project. The ENCPC has printed the brochure of the project and banners for marketing to the project and sent faxes with the application form of the project to 130 companies. 
  • The ENCPC held 2 seminars in Alexandria. First workshop on 16th July 2009 with free zoon were about of 26 companies have participated and with the Chamber of Leather Tanning in which 13 tanneries have participated. 
  • The second Workshop (half day Seminar) was held in Alexandria on 20th August 2009 which was participated by General Mohamed Abd El-Zaher, Assistant Secretary General, Alexandria Governorate, Dr. Mona Gamal El-Dean, and EEAA in Alexandria, Eng. Basem Soltan, Federation of Egyptian Industries, Eng. Hanan El-Hadary, ENCPC Director and 100 persons which presented about 40 companies. 
  • The first advisory board meeting was held on 5th July 2009 at Ministry of Trade and Industry. 
  • The ENCPC identified the list of companies which will have the initial reviews and will prepare the list of companies which will participate in the project.