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Invest in Med

Implementation of Invest in Med Project (Fostering Competiveness for South Mediterranean Region ) in close cooperation with Moroccan Cleaner Production Centre, Lebanese Cleaner Production Centre and UNIDO Marssile

Fostering Competitiveness for South-Med Products “MED COMPETITIVENESS”

“Fostering Competitiveness for South-Med Products : MED COMPETITIVENESS ” aims at assisting Egyptian, Moroccan and Lebanese SMEs to manufacture products which are compliant with European environmental directives, and thereby gain more potential in order to export to the European markets. The initiative includes awareness raising workshops, training of trainers on how to comply with those directives; technical assistance to SMEs and a Business to Business meeting among Mediterranean and European companies with the Partnership of UNIDO Marseille.


Chemical industry, Electrical & Electronic industry


Egypt (Cairo)- Lebanon (Beirut)- Morocco (Casablanca)- France (Marseille)


From April 2010 to July 2011.

Type of instruments

  • Thematic workshops, Training of trainers, Technical assistance, B2B meeting
  • Disseminate information on REACH, RoHS and C&L directive
  • Participating consultancies will benefit from new business opportunities


Help SMEs from selected countries to have access to European (or Global) market, by complying with REACH and RoHS or are labelled according to the C&L directive.

Project results

  • Disseminated information on REACH, C&L, ROHS among the main stakeholder
  • Knowledge of EU directives will have been transferred to the participating consultancies
  • Technically trained consultants
  • Companies will have been identified and consulted
  • Compliant products exported by the beneficiary enterprises
  • Business opportunities for companies from the 3 countries in Europe companies