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Implementation of the Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project (EPAPII) in collaboration with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), the World Bank (WB), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Japanese Bank for international cooperation (JBIC), the French Development Agency (AFD), in addition to the European Commission (EC), and the Government of Finland

In the framework of implementation of Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project (EPAPII)-World Bank Funded Project, the ENCPC with a consortium of international experts are implementing an assignment on Preparation of Cleaner Production Audits and of a Cleaner Production Promotion Plan. The following activities were carried out under each task of the assignment as follows:


1. Implementation of cleaner technology audits in the industrial sector:

The ENCPC has performed 65 quick scan visits for different companies inside hot spot areas through. Based on that a detailed 14 cleaner production in-plant assessment and audits for 6 companies were carried out. ENCPC team prepared a technical specification for Delta Steel Company for new project at the arc furnace department to abatement the dust emissions inside the work environment and ambient area.

No Company Projects Benefits
1 Akhbar El- Yom Publishing Group Installation of pulp unit
  • Raw Material Savings
  • Safety Benefits
  • Environmental Benefits
2 Delta Steel Mill Company Switching from Mazot to NG
Rehabilitation of the furnace
  • Improving the combustion process which eradicate the SO2 emission
  • Elimination of the dust which emitted to the environment
3 El-Nasr Company for Rubber Products, Narubin Rehabilitation of the rubber reclamation unit
  • Elimination of H2S, CO, SO2 and aromatic fumes in the work environment
  • Reduction of the dust in the work environment
4 Dye Stuffs and Chemicals Company, ISMADYE Rehabilitation of the potassium sulphate (K2SO4) production unit
  • Elimination of hydrogen chloride (HCL) fumes in the work environment
  • Elimination of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the effluent wastewater from the unit
5 El Nasr Company for Coke and Basic Chemicals Installation battery doors and Electric power generation project
  • Elimination of gas leaks from the oven doors
  • Use of wasted gas rather than the fossil fuel at electric power generation.
6 Egyptian Iron and Steel Company, EISCO Acid Recovery from Wasted Spent Pickling Liquor
  • Reduction of the pollution load (CaSO4 & ferrous hydroxide)
7 Egyptian Iron and Steel Company, EISCO Abatement of Dust Pollution for Blast Furnace
  • Reduction of TSP and PM10 in the raw materials preparation area
8 Delta Steel Mill Company Abatement of Dust Pollution for Arc Furnaces
  • Reduction of TSP and PM10
  • Reduce the emissions in the work environment
9 Vinesia for Ceramics Installing Scrubbing Unit
Automation for the production line
  • Reduction of TSP and PM10 in the work environment
  • Reduction of the dust to the surroundings
10 Babtin Company Installing Scrubbing Unit to reuse the fumes in the Galvanizing Sector
Switching From Solar to NG
Purchasing and installing Monitoring equipment
  • Reducing the risk of workers exposure and the air emissions to the surroundings
11 National Paper Installing a new waste water treatment Plant
Replacing a new production line by three lines
  • Reduce the total water consumption and pollution load
  • Increase the production capacity
  • Reduction in TSS, BOD and COD in the wastewater effluent
12 Pachin El-Obour Installation of Tanks Washing Machine& Solvent Recovery Unit
Automation for the filling machine
  • Reduction of TSP and PM10
  • Saving in used solvent
  • Saving in Dispersed Raw Materials
13 Rakta Installing a new waste water treatment unit
  • Reduction in TSS and BOD from wastewater
  • Recycling of fibers which present in the discharge


2- Promotion of Cleaner Technology through market based instruments      

2.1 Preparation CP Promotion plan for Egypt
The ENCPC has developed a report for Cleaner Production plan and was submitted to EEAA by February 2010

2.2 Two raising awareness workshops on CP
The ENCPC in close cooperation with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) has organized one raising awareness workshop on 26th March 2008. The final workshop is planned in January 2011.