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Workshop Field Date Location
Sustainable Plastics from renewable resources and from agro-food waste renewable resources 29th-30th March 2008 Hilton Ramsis Hotel, Cairo
E-waste Management Forum E-waste Management  9th-10th February 2009 Intercontineantal City Satrs, Cairo
ADDED VALUE OF IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRIAL WASTE CONFERENCE Waste valorization 12th March 2009 Hilton Ramsis Hotel, Cairo
Green Industry Initiative Cleaner production 26th-28th May 2009 Semiramis Intercontinental , Caio
Med Test Technology Transfer 20th Auguest 2009 Marietum Jolle Vile Hotel, Alexandria
2nd Roundtable Meeting on -Sustainable Consumption and Production -In The Arab Region Environmental awarness at industry 27th-29th September 2009 The League of Arab States. Cairo
Inventorying, Safeguarding and mananging Pops in Egypt management of hazardes materials 20th December 2009 Cairo House - Al Fostat
Solid waste Waste management 19th October 2009 Rotary Helioples club in Helioples club
REACH Chemical management 26th August 2009 Four season hotel